Central City island is the most active part of the city. It has all the major goverment parts of the north, and is home to the most popular symbol of Crystal Cove, the CC sign.

Island PartsEdit


Downtown is where all of the goverment buildings are. They include the supreme courts of city councle, City Information, and City Hall. The other buildings are the capital building, the Document Ward, Magnum Hq CC, Saint Annes Church, a car garage, and the Chamber of Commerance. Then there is the CC sign, City square, and Crystal Cove Memorial Gardens. For More Detailed Info, go Central City Down Town Buildings.

Northern TownEdit

Northern town is anything north of Downtown. This part of town is more work then anything else. Although there are a few houseing, Goverment, and entertainment buildings.

For housing, there are only 2 buildings, The Moneegrabs Tower, which are condos, and Parlima Apartments. For Parks, Parking lots, and Stadiums, there is Crystal Cove Stadium, Stadium parking, Stadium Park, and Water Tower Park.

For Work, there are 7 buildings, City block 2 (X3), fairman building, Somy Tower, and Skyview Bar and Grill. For entertainment, there are 3 builidings, Central Library, P U R E (a night club), and The R ( a night club). For Goverment buildings, there are Crystal Cove Police Department HQ and The Mayor's Corporate Offices.

Southern TownEdit

Southern Town is From the canal south. This part of town is a combination of living courters, factories, entertainment, and science. A major thing here is the monorail, which only goes though 3 or so islands.

For Housing, There's Thrashes mansion, which belongs to Thrash58, and High House Innovation. For Entertainment, you can go to the National Museum or the Convention Center. For Government, there's the CC Mail Post Office, The Canal Purification System, The Old Town Hall, and The Finance Building. For Hotels, there's the Crystal Cove Hotel *****, and Soho Hotel *****.

For Jobs, there's Music Studio, Shipment port, The Warehouse, Crystal Offices, Crystal Waters Refinery, Microsoft Inc., Crystal Waters, Crystal Waters Purifier, Incinerator, Red Stuff Breweries, CC National Bank, Old Store, Goshe Corp, Warehouses X2, Factory and Co. Offices, Cruise Ship Ports, shipyard, Seaside Research Lab, Crystal Convention Center, Convention Center Parking X2, Coal Plant, The Crystal Star Building, Crystal Warehouse Factory, Prodet Tower, Plato Price, and Horizon Factory. For Parks, Parking Lots, Monorail and Stadiums, there's Canal park, Hause St. Bridge, Thousand St. bridge, Richard St. Bridge, A Coconut garden, The New and White Light House, Port Station, Canal Station, and Cruise ship Terminal Station.

Western TownEdit

Eastern TownEdit

Northern PenisulaEdit

Southern PeninsulaEdit


Here is a list of jobs on Central City island.

List 1( Downtown and northern Town)Edit

  1. Suprem Judge X1 50 Zans
  2. Judges X3 45 Zans
  3. Inforation LibrarianX1 45 Zans
  4. Mayor X1 55 Zans
  5. Mayor's ReseptionestX1 35 Zans
  6. lawers X4 40 Zans
  7. Magnum President X1 40 Zans
  8. Magnum Vice-President X1 35 Zans
  9. magnum Workers lv.2 30 Zans
  10. magnum Workers lv.1 25 Zans
  11. Preist X1 25 Zans
  12. A City Block 2 Workers X24 20 Zans
  13. Fairman president X1 40 Zans
  14. Faiman workers X10 30 Zans
  15. Somy President X1 40 Zans
  16. Somy Wokers X10 25 Zans
  17. Police Chief X1 40 Zans
  18. Police Officer X15 20 Zans
  19. Chief X1 35 Zans
  20. Weghters X5 20 Zans
  21. Bank Worker X1 40 Zans

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