Crystal Coves Location

Crystal Coves Location

Welcome to Crystal Cove's Offical Wikia

Crystal Cove Zanpo Wiki is a wiki about Crystal Cove on It is my, along with many others, favorite city on Zanpo, but it's going to be deleted so I did this for people can enjoy Crystal Cove like I do.I, the creator, can't join, but love the website.

Request to EveryoneEdit

Please sign in, or become a member before you edit. You might be thinking, I HAVE to give an e-mail to sign up, but you don't, although they advise to. I don't have one, and look, I'm here talking. The only use for e-mail is 1. send wikia a new pasword, and 2. to be an adamin. So Please Sign Up or Log In. Thanks!


This Section has a template for all the diffrent pages. If you have new ideas for a page type, then controbute a template. Thanks!

Island Info

Cotrobuters of this WikiaEdit

This section is for anyone how offically an controbuter to Crystal Cove Zanpo. Please sign your name if you are one. You can't sign unless you have co

Fron the 1st 02:26, June 11, 2010 (UTC)Fron the 1st

Pages on this WikiaEdit

This List includes Stubs, and all of the other pages on this Wikia. his List doesn't count the home Page.

Hollywood Island


Richman island

Central City Island

Central City Down Town Buildings

Goverment Builings

Island Info template

Fake Company ideas

Fake Island Ideas

Island List

Mall Island

Resort Island

magicbob Island

No Named Island

Northern Island

Fun Pages Now Out For UseEdit

Now Fake Islands Ideas and fake Company Ideas are on a page. Fell free to try them.

Fake Island Ideas

Fake Company Ideas

Pages that are finishedEdit

These pages are just infomational and don't have a fake ideas list, although technically, they all will.

Richman Island

Island Info Template

Pages that will Always be a work in progressEdit

These are bassed for fun, not informational, and let people share ideas.

Fake Island Ideas

Fake Company ideas

Help wantedEdit

To start of this wiki, I think it is best to have a good map of the City. If anyone knows how to make a good map, please donate one. Please make it show all the islands, and major atractions. Some would be studios on Hollywood Island, the Univerity, and Goverment builings.Thanks!

Does anyone have an acount on zanpo? Can you addopt a city? If you can do both, please become major of Crystal Cove, it would really help. Thanks!

Please look for sports stadiums, areanas, and anything else o do with sports. Try to find the names of sport teams for Crystal Cove. It would be nice to have, anyway, there's already a sports section. Please try!

Start doing block descriptions please. Things like studios, and stadiums. Even the smallest home, or a promenade of wall.

Latest activityEdit

At this moment, we are currently working on island info. Any thing counts. Template for it is now out and in the section templates. And Go News, Pages for all are almost all made, but have no content, please help with.

Heading towards 50 pages, So Think, Think,.Think.

Please Help with . . .Edit

All of these are important, so please help with.

  1. Please divide and map out Richman, Central City, and Hollywood Island.
  2. Hqs and Offices of Crystal Cove. This will tell us about companies in Crystal Cove.
  3. Houseing of Crystal Cove. Let us know how many people can live here.
  4. Jobs of Crystal Cove. This tells us if more offices, factories, or job giving out buildings, or more homes.

Places that will HelpEdit

[1] This place leads to srait to Crystal Coves cityscape.

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