This page is for people to share there ideas of companies. They could be big, small, deluxe, stinky, or anything in between.


Company Name ( 3 Header )


What it specializes in and branches ( if any, although I advise you have some. )

What island it would be on ( see Island List. )

Company Seal ( optional, because it has to include a picture. )

Levels and Payment for them



Pics ( don't have to have one )

Comments ( 4th Header )

And it's as easy as that. And relax, you don't have to add every thing at once.


Fronacen Inc.Edit

All You Need in One

We specialize in Cookware and Furniture. Our braches include Toys, Stuffed Animals/ Bed, Cloths, Health, Food, Work/ School/ Home, Appliences/ Cleaning Supples, Cars/ Hovercrafts, Sports/ Outdoors, Small Elecrtonics/ Phones, and Computers. That's a total of 11 branches. We make Deluxe idems.

Richman island

President 55 Zans

Vice President 50 Zans

Leaders of the braches 40 Zans

Workers 35 Zans

This company does almost nything exsept build, sell, and repair homes. But how needs that when there's so many braches already.

Fron the 1st 16:29, June 10, 2010 (UTC) Fron the 1st


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