This page is for anyone how has ideas for a fake island. They could be big, small, or in between.


Name ( 3 Header )

Parts( see here for help )

Description of parts

Location on Crystal Cove Map and conection a real, or on this wikia island.

Jobs ( 4 header ) optional

homes ( 4 header ) optional

Map optional


comments ( 4 header )

and it's as easy as that!


Lark IslandEdit

Lower Town, Upper Town, and Downtown.

Lower Town is full of small homes, and the fire station, and hospital. Upper Town is full of large home/ mansions and has a nice park. Down Town is where shops with apartments on top and a nice courthouse is located.

Connects to a large bridge that spands to an chain of islands ( tell about later ) to Central City island.

Fron the 1st 15:36, June 10, 2010 (UTC)Fron the 1st


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