This is a list of the islands of Crystal Cove. There are 14 in all.

Central City Island Edit

Central City island is where most of the goverment buildings are.

Hollywood IslandEdit

Hollywood Island is where all of the movies are made.

Richman IslandEdit

Richman Island is a mostly housing island.

Resort IslandEdit

Resort Island is were both of Crystal Coves Airports are located.

Magicbob IslandEdit

Magicbob Island is a small island.

No Name IslandEdit

An island with a few homes on it.

Island of Chaplineith Edit

An island with a small comunity.

Mall IslandEdit

An island built for a mall.

Northern IslandEdit

An island with nothing on it.

Goverment IslandEdit

An island so small, it only fits one big building.

CC navy IslandEdit

An island that houses the navy.

Famland islandEdit

an island with a race track, the mayors mansion, and lots of farmland.

Mystery IslandEdit

An island with a few mansions.

Embassy islandEdit

An island with the united Nations and embassyes.

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