Brooks Monument

A monument for Richman Island

Richman Island is a wonderful island, that is used mostly for Housing. It all revoles around Richman River. It has two parts, Down town, and Suberbs. The most popular buildings on Richman is it's Manors. They also have thier own barn, and a little house for storage. Connects to Hollywood Island by a small bridge, and to Central City Island by Hollywood Bridge.

Island PartsEdit

Down TownEdit

This part of the island is the most advanced part of town, and has a national bank, 3 Magnum Towers ( old, modern, and Futuristic), a hotel( which holds 8 guest), and Magnum Tech Offices.

River ComunityEdit

This part of the island is were all the housing is located. Housing includes Brook Towers( X5) which houses 20 people, 4 Brook st. Duplexes(X4) which houses 2 people, Brook st. Homes(X13) which houses 1 person, Brook st. Turn arounds(X3) which houses 1 person, and brook st., and Brook st.Mansions(X3) which house 1 person. Each Brook st. Mansion has a barn and strorage house.


With the small downtown, there are few jobs. Here they are. They also tell income. Each one counts for a weeks worth of work, even if you don't work every day.

  1. Bank worker X3 Income;40 Zans
  2. Magnum Workers lv. 2 X10 Income; 30 Zans
  3. Magnum Workers lv.1 X30 Income; 25 Zans
  4. Hotel Clerk X10 Income; 20 Zans
  5. Other Hotel jobs X 12 Income; 15 Zans

Rent For a HomeEdit

This tells how much it cost to live here. This is for each week. * keep in mind that you can get a job out side of Richman island.

  1. Adpartments; 10 Zans
  2. Duplexes; 15 Zans
  3. Turn around homes; 20 Zans
  4. Homes; 25 Zans
  5. Mansions; 30 Zans*

New Ideas for IslandEdit

Anything to help this island. Please sign name.

  1. Bus Stop in middle of housing district. This will help with people who have to work some where else get there faster.Fron the 1st 02:19, June 8, 2010 (UTC)Fron the 1st
  2. News station. There's a dopler next to the island, so it's possible. 15:59, June 8, 2010 (UTC)Fron the 1st

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